Tuesday we were up and off before 9 AM! That included a trip over to Alicia’s for my trash can burrito.


We stopped for a break just before getting on I-10 at Van Horn.



We have seen a lot of deserted, abandoned buildings along the road from Pharr to Van Horn.


We have also seen a lot of Border Patrol activity and Checkpoints.  We were stopped at three checkpoints (along with every other vehicle heading our way). They want to hear you say a couple of words and then we were on our way.



El Paso was amazing.  Much more built up and busy than we remembered from the 70s.



Hacienda RV Resort in Las Cruces, NM.  That’s Ron Marabito’s Coach behind us, Colleen’s Class C on the other side of Ron and the Organ Mountains in the background.


We decided to ride out to White Sands.  We wandered around the north side of Las Cruces.  Houses everywhere!



Highway 70 goes from Las Cruces through San Augustin Pass, across the range and to Alamogordo. Organ, just down from the pass had two business establishments and a handful of houses in the 70s.  Then there was one other building between Organ and Las Cruces.  Today it’s built up all the wall with houses all over everywhere.



Through the pass, you look out over the range towards Alamogordo.  The white ball things are range instrumentation.



White Sands Missile Range main post.


102 Watervliet where we lived 1970-72.  We had a detached garage, grass, a larger yard and a green house.



This once was the Officer’s Club.  On weekends we would climb up to the gold mine in the Organ Mountains behind the club.



On the way back from White Sands, Ron called.  He said that he had gone to White Sands the day before and taken pictures.  Ron does beautiful work.  I told him mine weren’t great and maybe I could get copies of his.  Back at the campground I showed him my White Sands pictures.  He said that’s ok but where are the pictures of  White Sands?  He went to the National Monument; not the Missile Range.  Maybe I’ll get some of his pictures at Quartzsite.


We went to La Posta with Ron & Shirley, Coleen Slicker, Bob and Joyce Johnston.  The Johnston’s are Blue Bird buddies of Ron’s and Coleen is an old family friend.  La Posta was a good as we remembered it! (http://www.laposta-de-mesilla.com/index.html)  The company was delightful.  It was a very enjoyable evening.


Fort Huachuca FamCamp