Tuesday 1/25, Jim Dick led an expedition of 9 four wheelers off to the Southern Cross Mine.  I believe that Southern Cross is the tallest mountain in the picture below.



We stopped to see the Bouse Intaglio.




There was a lot of Cholla Cactus around the Intagaloi.  Also known as attack cactus.



Everybody was warned to stay away from the Cholla, but in every group….





Across the desert.



Southern Cross Mountain to the right. The vertical arm of the cross was visible, but not in this picture.  The horizontal arm was hidden.  There is a smaller hump to the left and on the lower left side of it, a hole in the rock is visible.







Up the hill.



Down the hill.






Southern Cross Mine


Jeep Commercial, except it was a Bronco.



Ron photographs the desert.







The tour continued on to the Climax mine.  The mine itself was very interesting and the surrounding area very striking.  Unfortunately my batteries died!

The Potluck