We decided to stay at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson instead of making the 30 mile trek across the desert to Fort Huachuca.


The Potluck was Saturday January 30th. We left Sunday.  We convoyed to Tucson with the Douroughs.  Very enjoyable.


The Davis-Monthan FamCamp is very nice.  We didn’t get in.  We stayed in the overflow, a large empty fenced field at the end of the runway.  Dry camping.  No big deal since we had just dry camped for 8 days on the desert.  We did go to the FamCamp for a nice long hot shower.



If you look closely you can see some of the fighters on the left.  The “Sound of Freedom” wasn’t too bad.



The overflow was a little disconcerting to us military types since there were no assigned or designated spaces.  We coped.



Laundry was the order of the day the next day.  Jim told us about “their” laundry and kept Camille company while I got the Dodge’s oil changed.  Then the 3 of us went to “Beyond Bread” which was wonderful.  Their sandwiches are two meals.  Jim went off to do his chores. Enroute to Beyond Bread, Jim said Ann had given him instructions to show Camille “Annabell's Attic.” We spent a few hours there and Camille walked out with a new Seth Thomas clock.  After lunch Camille wouldn’t let us go into the huge book store next to Beyond Bread.  She said we had TMB, too many books.  We went to Trader Joes across the street and stocked up on evil things. www.traderjoes.com/about/index.asp


Off Tuesday to Las Cruces, Hacienda RV Park and La Posta.  Camille really likes Hacienda RV Park.  www.haciendarv.com La Posta was still good. www.laposta-de-mesilla.com


Saddled up Wednesday and off to Fort Stockton for another one night stand at the Parkview.  Not much to say about either.  The owner, a transplant from New Zealand, was interesting.


We’re getting pretty good at setting up and saddling up.  It’s pretty nice enjoying the comfort of your own quarters and kitchen even in a place like Fort Stockton.



Fredericksburg ( www.touringtexas.com/fburg  ) and the Fredericksburg RV Park were nice.  I got sick and didn’t feel like doing the Nimiz Museum. Camille sampled the antique shops.  We had an enjoyable meal at Friedhelm's Bavarian Inn.  We’ll have to go back.




Three nights at Fredericksburg and then off on Paradise Senior RV Community in Woodville, TX on Sunday.  ( www.paradiservseniorpark.com/ )

The owner, Mr. Lafoy, was very friendly.  Good ole boy who talked your ear off.  He had gone up North to work in the steel mill and did well until he was laid off.  So he came home, bought some land and build himself an RV park.


Texas started looking a lot like Georgia.  Then it was unmistakable when we went from Texas to Louisiana.  Louisiana roads are terrible.


River View RV Park and Resort on the banks of the Mississippi in Vidalia, LA is a very nice park; Trailer Life Rating of 24.5.  This is their off season.  For Jim Bowie week they are booked through ’08.  The lady told us that on the 4th of July they have 200 rigs in their 155 sites.





We stayed at Knox Hill Resort in Knoxville, AL for our last night.  As much to claim another state as anything else.




To Quartzsite: 2760 miles, 10 campsites, 10 travel days.  276 miles per day average.  Left Home January 1st, Left Quartzsite on the 31st so 30 days total.


Home: 2170 miles, 7 campsites, 8 travel days, 271 miles per day average.  Left Quartzsite on the 31st, home on the 10th so 11 days total.  Call it 2,000 miles in two weeks or a thousand miles a week for future planning.


Mileage is point to point from a map, not including running around.  Total 4930.  Gross estimate of cost is 10 mpg, $2/ gal, 20 cents/mile, $986, $20/day average.


Campgrounds averaged $16/night.  ..\Qz Campground Cost.htm So $36/day for fuel & campgrounds.