In Loving Memory


Meredith “Bo” Smith



November 27, 1948February 24, 2005


Some words written by Bo in the Autumn of his life


I feel at peace with myself and at peace with God.  What a wonderful, joyous feeling!!  I want to live to continue to enjoy what mother nature has generously provided.  The warm rays of the sun, the blue sky with clouds sprinkled about, a late afternoon thunder shower with its refreshing smells of cleanliness, birds flying and chirping and feeding in our deluxe cedar bird feeder. Azaleas blooming in Spring, dogwoods blossoming and bursting with beautiful blooms, ducks flying over a cypress filled pond, a buck standing at the edge of a newly cut corn field, a wild turkey strutting across a creek bed, dogs barking playfully, the Atlanta Braves playing baseball, the Georgia Bulldogs taking the field in their stunning red jerseys, the coolness of a fall morning, the feel of sand beneath my toes as I walk along the beach at St. Simons holding your hand, the smiles of innocent children, the looks of wisdom of the elderly, the smell of fresh cut grass, smoke pouring from a grill with steaks sizzling, watching leaves fall gently from a tree to the ground below…  I guess I could add more, but the point is simple, I want to live so I can continue to experience the earth’s wonderful things.




I didn’t realize what my work meant to me… what my work really means to me is my gift from God of helping people.  From helping a student get started in a career as a nurse to providing healthcare to an indigent person who otherwise would have gone without.




I want to find a hospital that needs me to touch the people in their community and add something positive to their lives.  I really believe this is my “ministry” of sorts.  God has asked me and placed me here on earth to provide assistance through hospital administration and I don’t believe my work has ended.  I want to live to finish God’s work on earth.


Words taken from Bo’s personal journal



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