To The Badlands

6/23/05 - 6/24/05


We stayed at Famil-E-Fun Campground just west of Mitchell. We decided to stay here after I looked in the Passport America book and found this park for $11. Nice park too, TL rated 23. Leaving in the morning. headed for Badlands National Park.

Neat neighbors from Tallahassee Fl. They said don't come this winter, we're still a mess, wait until next winter.

It was hot and windy all day!

Mosquitoes! The campground owner said they had had 13 inches of rain in the last couple of weeks, they usual annual rainfall. Since then they were beset with mosquitoes.

That night they had a little storm. An inch of rain, 72 mph winds. No problems in the campground. There were some good sized limbs down that would have done damage to an RV or tent but everybody was lucky. In Mitchell there were trees and power poles down. The interstate was closed for a while.

We got off early in the wind and mosquitoes. It was cool and not as windy.

We crossed the Missouri.


And the landscape changed.

Badlands National Park 6/24-26/05