To Yellowstone

6/26/05 - 7/2/05


We got hailed on in Wyoming!


Maybe marble sized. We were concerned about windshield and dents. We apparently caught just the tail end.

Plan A was:

Well actually the Badlands are like a three hour park, maybe a day with Wall Drug and the Sage Creek Rim Road. Throw in 90+ degrees, constant wind, no hookups (which for us means no A/C) and no showers, we changed our plans.

Plan B was:

Peter D's

Mrs D was very pleasant and told us about some scenic drives and places to eat. Peter D showed up later Sunday and was even more enthusastic and detailed. We went to one of the recommended places for dinner, Los Agaves. It was good.

Up and off at the crack of 11AM for our scenic drive through the Big Horn Mountains.




Up at the top was Bear Lodge Resort and this sign.


Well OK fine. I knew that. I had forgotten that I planned to use 16 to Cody.


We had lunch at Bear Lodge, it was good.

I wanted to either go back 14/16 or through the woods on the route Peter & Mrs D had told us about. However, the Dodge had an oil change appointment at 3 so we went back the way we came. We were forced to "do" Sheridan while waiting for the Dodge.

Camille bought some clothes at J. C. Penny

J. C. Penney

We went to King Rope.

King Rope

Small store front, huge inside with the Rope and Saddle museum across the alley in back. Awesome. More saddles than I've ever seen in one place. Guns, carriages, pictures,... A horse person would have had fits.

On the streets of Sheridan there were statues.

Mountain Man


One of the buildings had a huge mural. I couldn't capture the whole thing.

Jim Bridger

Buffalo Bill

I bought "Scenic Driving Wyoming". One of the drives in there, one of the reasons we planned 4 nights in Cody, and one of the planned highlights of the trip for me was the Beartooth Scenic Highway and Beartooth Pass. They had mudslides earlier this year. It won't reopen until October, just before it is closed again for the winter.

Plan C:

Red Grade Road