6/29/05 - 7/2/05

The Ponderosa Campground in Cody had been recommended. I called. The person there told me that he didn't have anything but I could call when I got closer. He didn't sound hopeful. He said they stopped taking reservations the 1st of June and were redefining zoo every day.

So I called Absaroka Bay RV Park (TL rating of 20) and got reservations, "but I can't extend you past July 2nd."

Absaroka Bay RV Park is a lot like Peter D's. Lots of pull throughs with full hookups and essentially nothing else. What else do retirees with no kids in their big RVs need? Peter D has one loop, Absaroka Bay has rows and rows. And they don't have Peter D being very visable and enthusastic.

Absaroka Bay RV Park

In case you were wondering; (from Scenic Driving Wyoming), "Before white men appeared, the Absaroka people lived in the Cody Area. Since they called themselves the people of the large beaked bird, whites referred to them as the Crow Indians."

The ride over was uneventful with no problems once Mr. Dodge convienced me that the Cloud Peak Skyway Scenic Byway was a 4th (of 6) gear road. Without the exhaust brake it would have been difficult. One fellow RV'er told Camille that he had to stop for an hour to let his brakes cool.

Thursday I did the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. It was very interesting, very well done and overwhelming. It is actually five museums:

Buffalo Bill Historical Center

Buffalo Bill Historical Center

In the Buffalo Bill Museum they had an early RV.

Early RV

Early RV

There was a picture of an RV Rally in the Whitney Gallery of Western Art

Early RV

The Cody Firearms Museum claims to be the largest collection of firearms in the world. I was fading fast and only scrolled through most of it. Then as I was leaving:

Early RV

On 7/1/05 I went for a little ride