Jewel Cave


Jewel Cave National Monument is just a few miles west of Big Pine.  I went on a tour with Rich, Andy and Amy.

After we got our tickets we had time to go back to the campground for something warm.  Amy decided to model her new Glacier Sweat Shirt.
From the Gorp Jewel Cave Page:

The exploration of Jewel Cave began about 1900 when two South Dakota prospectors, Frank and Albert Michaud, and a friend, Charles Bush, happened to hear wind rushing through a hole in the rocks in Hell Canyon. Enlarging the hole, they found a cave full of sparkling crystals. They filed a mining claim on the "Jewel Lode," but they found no valuable minerals, so they tried turning the cave into a tourist attraction instead. The business was never a success, but the cave did attract attention, and in 1908 Jewel Cave National Monument was established to protect the small but extraordinarily beautiful cave. Fifty years later exploration of the cave intensified. Led by the husband-and-wife team of Herb and Jan Conn, modern-day cavers have discovered new wonders and explored many additional miles of passages. Today the cave is among the world's longest and is renowned for its variety of formations.


When we were there, Jewel Cave was the world's 3rd longest.  Explorations continue.

That night we had dinner with the Fassolds at The Bavarian Restaurant.  It was good.  The snitzels were huge.

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