SE Spring Ralley

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    01-May-04  08:13:10

Sb: SE Rally underway

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Our small (5 rigs) but enthusiastic group has all arrived at the Bean Pot CG in Crossville, TN.  Joel & Camille Myers arrived with their new Sunnybrook fiver towed by a BIG black Dodge 3500 - congratulations, folks!  And Dave & Joanne Derway showed up with 4 two-week old Abyssinian kittens in the motor-nursery. Joanne's mama cat has recently produced a litter but that didn't stop her from coming to the rally.  Dave & Jeannette Reavis have returned from the left coast to join us and, with ourselves and the Baginskis (who have their home base here) that rounds out our little gang for the next 5 days.


After numerous hugs and a suitable volume of libations, we journeyed down the road a short way to the Cancun Mexican restaurant for an excellent meal.


Weather is mild here but overcast and threatening rain off and on, but so far no weather problems.  Tonight we all go to Ray & Ladonna's home base for a social & dinner.



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Sb: SE Rally underway

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Excellent description.  Let me continue the saga.


This is our second outing with the 5er.  We were able to get set up in an hour or three, including the interspersed libations and hugs, with lots of advice and assistance from the pros.


Cancun was better than excellent and the servings were huge.  We returned to the campground with several pounds of leftovers.  When we'll be able to enjoy is questionable with all the planned feedings.


The guys went to the flea market Saturday AM with Dave Reavis pointing out to me all the "you need that" items.  I left with almost more than I could carry for a grand total of $8.


Delightful Saturday afternoon/evening with the Baginskis.  Their community and home is beautiful.  Food and company were wonderful.  Weather was perfect.


Sunday morning and it's raining.  That's restful and relaxing and shouldn't be much of a damper on the planned activities.  Bean Pot campground has a large clubhouse suitable and equipped for meals/meeting of a hundred or so.




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Sb: SE Rally Wrap up

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The weather improved somewhat for the last full day of the SE Rally. with some sun and temps approaching 70.  The gals got together for a Red Hat Floozie tea followed by some shopping while the guys journeyed down to Oak Ridge to visit the big museum there. Lots of atomic bomb and WW II memorabilia plus numerous general science exhibits, with practical, hands-on demonstrations of things like the Bernouli Principle, how a dish antenna focus a signal, a vortex and such. That evening Gary got out the propane campfire and we all sat around and gabbed until late in the evening.


On Wednesday a.m. each of us departed for other pastures, with promises to "see you soon".  Everybody there plans to attend the SE Fall Rally, which will be a Halloween Rally this year, encompassing the weekend of 10/30-10/31. More on that in a few weeks, but mark it on your calendar now.



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