Fort Gordon Rec Area (June 15-16, 2004)


We hooked up the bawt, told Mrs. Gamin where we wanted to go and were off at the crack of noon.


Bawt, rhymes with boat.  What you see in the rear view mirror.  Big ass white thing.



We stopped at the Cracker Barrel at Exit 82 (Conyers).  Exit 82 is a good place not to stop.  Traffic was unbelievable.  But then there is almost as much nothing between Conyers and Augusta as there is between Savannah and Macon.


The Fort Gordon Rec Area is on Strom Thurmon Lake (formally Clarks Hill Lake) close to the Corps of Engineers Winfield Campground. 


Winfield Campground was the site of the RV Forum SE Fall 2001 Ralley.


Before the bawt.


I asked the sweet young thing at the sign in place if we could camp there for the night.  “If you can find a place” she said in an accent impossible to capture.  We did.  It was at the end of Pike Avenue.



Nice views of the lake


This was several firsts for us:


The weather forecast for the south east for the week was “partly cloudly, 60% chance of thunderstorms”.  We had one that night.  The lightening was pretty spectacular.  Very thick bolts that lasted several seconds.


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