Huntington Beach State Park Part 2 (June 20-24, 2004)


Sunday we moved to site 103 & had a walk on the beach.  We paid for 4 days when we arrived, leaving our options open. We had considered moving to Lakewood until we saw it or south of Charleston.  Decided to stay at HBSP another 4 days. 


HBSP is a water and electric hookup only, at least for the non-reserved sites. Our first W&E only experience was Cloudland Canyons SP.  We filled the 34 gallon gray water tank in a day & a half.  Learning from that experience, we haven’t been taking showers in the bawt but figured about now we’d have to hitch up & go dump, and might as well look at moving to another site.  Ours was nice & private, but the afternoon sun came in under the awning.


Early Sunday morning I did a recon & discovered that site 103, just down the road was empty.  On the other side of the road so the afternoon sun wouldn’t be a problem.  Even more private – no site on one side and the other side well separated. 


Camille approved and I went over to see the Ranger.  Good news, we got the site.  Bad news, they wanted us out of 110 in an hour!  We made it, rolling out at 9:30AM.  A new record.


Dumped, arrived at new site, backed in without incident (we’re learning) and were set up in out new home by 11:00 AM.


View from the front yard.



Beach Combing Program

beach combing

beach combing

beach combing


Tuesday Camille did the Atalaya tour and we went back Wednesday to take pictures.


When we first arrived, we came across the Causeway behind this vehicle.  It showed up again in the Beach Parking lot while Camille was in Atalaya.


Wednesday we did the beach at the day use area after taking pictures of Adalaya.




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