Country Boy RV Park


Went to the Circuit City in Rome & bought a TiVo.


The Circuit City on the Barrett Parkway is a couple of miles closer.  The one in Rome is a lot of minutes closer.  The contrast between going towards Atlanta and away from Atlanta is amazing.  It is a pleasure to drive to Rome.


TiVo is great!


Got the phone call from Dr Chastain’s office on the 6th that my “margins were clear”, meaning that they got all of it.  The nurse told me that they had never gotten a lab report stating otherwise, but if they did, they would bring me back in and cut some more.


We headed out July 7th to visit girl-child in Athens.



She actually lives in a “single wide” out in the middle of nowhere.  Very pleasant middle of nowhere.



We stayed at Country Boy RV Park near the Interstate and Factory Outlet Malls.  Interesting Park.


Country Boy RV Park


When we checked in the first question was: “Do you have kids”?  The granddaughters were visiting and looking for somebody to play with.


She wanted us to stay down in the new section on the right where they had 50 amp hookups.  We talked her into letting us stay on the shady side. Behind where this picture was taken were the seasonal sites.  People leave their RVs here for the season so they can come to Commerce and …, and … I don’t know, once you’ve hit the outlet malls and eaten lunch at the neat old downtown drugstore there isn’t anything to do there that we’re aware of.


Where we were became Dodge Row.  The campground lady was using the site next to us to park their black Dodge truck.  Then two groups pulled in with red Dodge trucks with camper shells with boats on top and similar sized trailers.  I complained that mine didn’t come with a boat.


One family was an Air Force family being transferred from the Pentagon to Montgomery, Al.


The other couple had a grandson with them and was taking him back home.  I “howdee’ed” that fellow.  He asked how I was.  I told him that the campground was going downhill, I saw two Silver roos and even a Fix or Repair Daily come in.  He looked at my truck, walked over and didn’t stop talking until after I went in to go to bed.  Very interesting and enjoyable.  He has worn out a couple of Dodge diesel trucks and gone most of the places we wanted to go.


The next day we hit the outlet malls.  I went looking for boy stores.  They had a Coleman Factory Outlet!  I got an adapter so I can use refillable propane tanks with George.


Then Camille spent the afternoon and early evening with Susan doing wedding stuff.  Susan brought her back and we had a nice visit.  Susan showed us a bunch of her pictures from the Cuba trip.  She has some on the web.


Uneventful trip home.   We hit miles long backups both ways.  But that’s normal around Atlanta.


Then the Zoning meetings.  That was interesting.  Bartow Country is growing.  Everybody is concerned about traffic but the developments get approved.


In several cases the requestor said “That won’t be a problem because of thus & so”.  The board asked if putting thus & so as a condition of the approval would be a problem.  The board then recommended approval subject to thus & so.


One of the cases revolved around chicken houses.


The law says you can’t build a chicken house within 500 feet of a house, or vice versa.  And chicken houses have to be 100 feet from your property line.


Mr. Hazelwood wants to raise chickens when he retires.  If the developer built houses close to his property line he wouldn’t be able to build his chicken houses. 

Mr. White said his chicken raising days were over and he was planning to sell out.  He was concerned that he would have problems getting a good price if there were houses built too close to his chicken houses.  The developer proposed to get a variance to allow houses 250 feet from chicken houses (and vice versa).  He would build houses 150 feet from the property line.


The Zoning Board recommended approval.  The County Commissioner said he wanted to think that over and tabled it for 30 days.



Across the street from us is a yellow house.  Charlie Rothchild has built a bunch of apartments behind there called Cassville Oaks.  Many of his tenants can’t afford mufflers for their cars, but can afford thumpers.  There is almost constant traffic coming and going into Cassville Oaks.


Charlie bought the yellow house and wanted to rezone it multifamily. He says he wants to use it for an office and to widen the entrance to Cassville Oaks.  He currently uses a shared right of way with the Hagens.


The Hagens have sued him because when he built Cassville Oaks he messed up the drainage from their property.


It was mentioned that he is trying to buy the Hagen property.


Mrs. Edwards died a couple of years ago.


If Charlie acquires the Hagen and/or Edwards properties, traffic and noise at 513 Cassville Road could become unbearable.


They approved his rezoning request but promised him that a development plan would be required when he requested a building permit to do anything with his yellow house.


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