Hanscom AFB FamCamp


Fairly short day.  We only went ½ hour over the limit on our 5 hour cat.  Traffic was intense in places.



We snuck in the back way, avoiding the worse of the Mass Pike, I-95 and 2 between 495 & 95.


Hanscom is nicely located between Concord and Lexington and close to Boston.





The FamCamp is located on the back side of the shared air field.  It gets noisy during the day with “The Sound of Freedom”.



Note the Satellite Dishes.  The small ones are for TV, the larger one is a Directway for internet access.  That one belonged to our neighbor Phil.


There were at least a couple of rigs there with both.




Those two rigs are out in the “preferred” sites.  In the sun (clear view of satellites) with 50 Amp hookups.  Big rigs like Country Coaches need 50 Amps.



There were at least two huge 5th wheels there – we know because they had there HDTs parked over on the side.  There was only one there when I went to take pictures.  The other guy must have driven down to the corner store for some milk or something.



We were back in the “less preferred” sites on the left.  We liked the shade better.




We actually didn’t have a site.  They were full.  76 of the 67 sites were occupied.


The new manager, John Graham, is carrying on the tradition of the previous manager, John Lawrence, who said that he never turned anybody away.   John Lawrence was staying there and I went over to chat.  When he was managing, they had 56 sites.  One 4th of July he had 90 of his 56 sites occupied.




            Phil & his girlfriend living in the old Southwind.  They have been here for months.  There are about 20 rigs there that spent the winter out front in the preferred sites.  Phil buys & sells old coins on the internet to supplement his income while pursuing his disability claim.  He feeds the local wildlife.



            The Jeep tenters.  Interesting folks.  They used to travel the country on their motorcycle.  But after turning 70, they decided that was roughing it too much and started using the Jeep that they had for hunting.  They have homes in SC & TX and do an annual tour. They rode their bicycles downtown to Clinton’s book signing.  He signed the first 1,000 books.  They were number 1003.


            Elliott the car tenter.  Still on active duty with another week or so at Hanscom.  He sent his family ahead and is finishing his tour at Hancsom staying in a tent at the FamCamp.  There are several active duty airmen who live here in their RV instead of the barracks.


            The McCarthy’s.  He is a retired Master Chief.  They are both still working.  Retiring the end of July and moving to Floridia. They sold their house in Gloucester.  Didn’t get to talk to them much since they were working but enjoyed it when we did.


The Adventures of 2004

Pat and Alex