Lexington and Concord


Everybody has to take a picture of the Minuteman.


The Minuteman Statue I meant.


There were 5 USS Lexingtons. Their story is a interesting quick history lesson.









On to Concord, after stumbling on the going out of business used book store and stocking up.


We had lunch at the Colonial Inn in Concord.  Very historic place.  http://www.concordscolonialinn.com/inn.php


After lunch we visited the Old North Bridge http://www.publicbookshelf.com/public_html/Our_Country_vol_2/battlecon_fi.html


We walked up to the hilltop where the Minutemen gathered that day.  On that day they could see into the town of Concord.  Since then a few trees have grown.



The Adventures of 2004

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery