We were in Boston July 19-26.  On the 26th we headed for Camperama.



We and Camperama have a history.  I think it goes like this.  I got involved in the CompuServe RV Forum in the early 90s.  One day a guy named Fred Thomas appeared on the forum talking about Quartzsite.



 Fred is a Navy Retiree and a member of SMART (  Fred was a member of SMART Yankees, the New England chapter of SMART that Jack Manter started.



As an aside, my son asked why we like RV’ing.  A big part of the answer, if not the total answer, is people like Fred & Daisy and Jack & Nancy.


We attended our first rally, a SMART Muster, at Camperama.  We stayed at the motel down the road.  We were hooked after meeting the people in person.


That muster was hosted by Larry & Jean Tryon who are still seasonal campers at Camperama.  We had a nice visit with them.



We actually did a lot of nothing at Camperama and really enjoyed it.  We had interesting neighbors.


I thought about visiting the Northeast Kingdom but didn’t.  Too far.  Next trip.


Our Southern Vermont “things” are:



The Southern Vermont Craft Fair



Newfane – the most picturesque town in Vermont (somebody said)




There was a sign at one of the Antique places “Win a free ride in the Windham County Sheriff’s Car – shoplift here”


Speaking of signs:


This candy case was in one of the Newfane stores.  Who remembers going to the store with a nickel and picking out a bag of candy from a case like this?



Newell’s Maple Farm


We found Newell’s on the way to Kelly Stand Road.  Wound up going back and coming home with several gallons of Maple Syrup.



Across from Newell’s was this tree.  I seem to have a thing about trees standing alone on a hill.  Probably evidence of some deep seated mental problem.




.We went to see some Historic Inn on the village green. It was under impressive, but we did see a covered bridge



some folks canoeing



and a guy coming back from plowing the north 40.



There’s this house somewhere along highway 100 that Camille checks on every trip.  She wants to buy and restore it.  That’s a project for her next husband.




We stopped at a small shopping area on the way back from a day trip to buy groceries.  These guys were in the lot:


Townsend has an annual fair to benefit the local hospital.  We went.  It was quite an event.  You will never guess who was there.



The Adventures of 2004

Maine (August 9 – 14)