Trip Home


1352 miles



Back to Hanscom for a couple of days to stock up at the Commissary and watch it rain.


We talked to some guys who make an annual trip from Alabama to Boston.  They said their stops were Walnut Hills and River Beach.


We considered a Passport America place near River Beach but decided that we really didn’t want to wander that far off the Interstate.  We drove into Tri-State RV Park, decided that there was a reason it wasn’t in the Campground Directory and went to River Beach.


Our neighbor there was on his last leg home from his “Grand Tour.” I asked him what the best/most memorable places were.  He thought a long time and said the Redwoods in CA and Sedona, Arizona.


Camille wanted to stop by our rental house in Warrenton, VA. We stopped at the VA Welcome Center, learned about and decided to stay at Bull Run Regional Park.



There are three commercial parks in this area.  We visited them all.  Bull Run Regional Park is the place to stay.


Our rental house was still there. Needs a little touch up paint on the trim.



By some rational analytical process, the details of which escape me, we decided to stay at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park™ at Natural Bridge.



We arrived on Thursday, July 19th and checked in for 3 days.  Then we decided to stay through Sunday and head for home Monday.


We really vegged.  One trip out to the Interstate & WalMart and a couple of local grocery store runs.  Enjoyed visiting with neighbors.  We had a lot of neighbors once we weekend started!


Approach to the town of Natural Bridge.




I remember Jerry Segars & I traveling I-81 once.  We stopped at Natural Bridge, walked over & looked at it.  Today this is all you can see.



We saw this while riding around the area:



Camille said she was ready to go HOME! We headed out Monday, August 23 and made it in that night.


July 16 – August 23.  5 weeks and two days.



  1. Warriors Path (1)
  2. Walnut Hills (2)
  3. River Beach (1)
  4. Hanscom (6)
  5. Camperama (15)
  6. Camden Hills (4)
  7. Hanscom (2)
  8. River Beach(1)
  9. Bull Run (2)
  10. Yogi (4)


Lessons Learned:


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