Southeast Fall Rally

From the Rally Meister:

Oct-28   From: Gary Brinck   To: ALL

The RV Forum's Southeast Fall Rally is underway, with all the expected participants now here at Country Oaks CG near St Mary's, GA. Attendees include:

Gary & Nancy Brinck

David & Barbara Andrews

Dave & Jeannette Reavis

Jim & Pat Dick

Dave & Joanne Derway

Joel & Camille Myers

Bruce & Mary Ann Alter


Last night after enjoying a delicious dinner of Georgia-style BBQ provide by the Andrews, the gang sat around a huge campfire and gabbed, as per usual.  A splendid view of a total eclipse of the moon was an added bonus.  Tonight Joel Myers is cooking bratwurst & burgers and some salads have been volunteered to fill out the menu. 

More later - got to re-join the fun now!


From left to right: Alter, Derway, Dick, Brink, Reavis and Myers.  The Andrews were parked off to the right.



Waiting for the next feeding





Nov-1   From: Gary Brinck   To: ALL
Well, we have all folded our tents, or at least our awnings, and moved on in our separate directions.   Nancy & I are once more at our home base in The Forest, the Alters back in Daytona, the Dicks at Lazy Days (Tampa), Derways and Andrews headed to see relatives in Florida, etc.  

As usual, we all ate far too much, drank a bit too much and laughed just about the right amount!  Burned up a mess of wood too, courtesy of Dave Reavis who brought a truck load of nice dry pine from his farm.  Thanks, Dave!  Special thanks also to Joel Myers, for providing burgers and brats for the whole gang on Thursday night, and to Barbara Andrews for cooking BBQ for all on Wednesday evening. And of course to everyone else who baked, fried, sliced and diced for our enjoyment!

The campground Halloween affair was fun, though the weather was much too hot for staying in costume very long, even after dark.  We all dressed-out around 6 pm and managed to hang on until about 8:30 pm, though, and I think our group's costumes were the hit of the party.   Certainly we had the most unusual ones!  Several forumites were, shall we say, very creative in their dress.   I'll post some pictures shortly, maybe even tonight if I get ambitious.


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