Drove over to Historic Algiers Point and parked.  The Court House was across the road from the parking lot.



Rode the ferry over to the Riverwalk.



Headed for Jackson Square past an old Post Office.



Did some window shopping.



Found Jackson Square.  There was a tree.



And a gun.


And street musicians.



And a silver statue.  BUT it moved!



Across the street there was a large gathering.  Money would be collected from onlookers and shortly after a loud cheer would be heard.





We found, walked up and experienced Bourbon Street.


Then the quest for “THE” Oyster Bar.  We found it.




The raw oysters tasted a lot like raw oysters.  On the counter was a bowl of horse radish, a bowl of lemon wedges, a bottle of catsup, a bottle of hot sauce and some containers for mixing your own cocktail sauce. If you didn’t like the sauce, you knew who to complain to.


Then, following the example of the gentleman sitting on the other side of Camille, I had an Oyster Po Boy. I think that may have been the best thing I have eaten in my whole life!


Then it was Camille’s turn, we went shopping in the River Walk shopping center.


While Camille was exploring some shops, I sat down to review the day’s pictures.  A voice said “Take my picture!”  I looked up and said OK, but only with your companion.  He disagreed at first because they were from different schools.



Back to the campground via ferry and truck. 


Camille wanted a praline but hadn’t gotten around to buying one so I went over to the exchange and did some shopping for the evening.


On to San Antone