On Our Way

5/31/05 - 6/3/05

Left home 5/31. We went up 411. That is a pleasant alternative to I-75. This time we went a exit too far. We attempted to take 411 all the way through Maryville to I-40. As near as we can tell, you can't get through Maryville on 411. We wound up wandering through the woods and "get out & look honey" underpasses to Knoxville.

We had an exhaust brake installed on the Dodge before we left. It got its first trial by fire on I-40. It's well worthwhile. Don't leave home for the mountains without it.

Spent a couple of delightful days with the Reavis' in NC. Dave gave me a tour of Yadkinville and Winston-Salem. We had lunch at Pullins, serving fried hot dogs since 1918. Jeanette and Camille did Salem. Camille really enjoyed Salem and Jeanette enjoyed Camille enjoying Salem.

We're at Bull Run Regional Park in Centerville VA painting on our renter house.

Plan to leave here 6/17, or sooner if we get done, and head west.

Shades of Joe Lacey - had my first black water os. Dumped coming in to Bull Run since they are electric only. Hooked up, pulled the handle, and the hose fell off the fitting! os!! Actually not too bad since they had a concrete trough and running water.

Route Map

Painting the Renter House 6/4-16/05