051806 En route Home Pictures

We stayed a few days at Black Bart's in Flagstaff, AZ.  We did Oak Creek Canyon  and Sedona plus about 300 feet of 
Schnebly Hill Road.

Camille stopped at a Garland's Navajo Rugs.  I had an interesting chat with the owner and told him about our experience seeing a Navajo rug maker.  He asked "How is Suzie Yazzie?"  Apparently everybody knows Suzie Yazzie.

We also visited Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater, and Wulupka National Monuments. These were interesting, especially Sunset Crater.  We'd been seeing rock that we thought was volcanic since Torrey.  Now we know it was.

Then we moved to Fool Hollow Lake State Recreation Area in Show Low, AZ to hunker down for the Memorial Day Weekend. They don't do reservations but we were told that when we arrived Sunday afternoon there should be no problem.  Apparently there was a large group traveling together with the same idea that arrived just after we did.  It was a zoo.  We got the last site with sewer.

It was the back in site from hell. It was at a right angle from a narrow road.  I went for a little ride on the Mogollon Rim and another through Salt River Canyon.

Then we were off to Pie Town and a nice visit with Anne & Jim.

Then we headed home.

I chose Roswell New Mexico for a stop because Camille had always been interested in those events.  But she was pretty much done with tourist activities so that was a one night stand without unhooking.  As was the Texas RV Park in Big Spring.  

We spent a few nights in Arlington at All Seasons RV Park (now a KOA) to visit an old friend.  All Seasons was pleasant.  I hope KOA doesn't ruin it.

Lincoln Parish Park was nice - reminiscent of a Corps of Engineers Park.

Benchmark in Meridian was a totally acceptable Passport America one night stand.