The Adventures of 2007

All the 2007 Pictures

Last year, 2006, I went back to New York in January.  That was dumb!  It's cold in NY in the winter.  Fred Thomas once said the the best way to warm your motor home was drive south.  I got it wrong.

This year we went to Florida.  We left home New Year's Day.  The picture captions pretty well tell the story of the trip down.  One thing they don't tell you is that according to the billboards on the interstate, everything man wants, needs and desires can be found behind the Hardees at Exit 5.  Grassy Pond, the Moody AFB FamCamp is located near Exit 5, so we're planning to stay there next year for a few days and explore behind the Hardees.

Let me tell you a little about the MacDill AFB FamCamp.


They put us on The Fence when we arrived.  We had water, electric, no sewer, no cable and no mosquitoes.  And a lot of friendly neighbors.  We were happy campers. We all decided we would stay there if THEY would let us.  Then after about two weeks, our friends and neighbors started disappearing.  Then I got the call: Move to the Sand Pits.  Do I have to? No, but whether you move or not you're going to the Field in two weeks.  We moved.

The Sand Pits have water, electric, sewer, cable TV and the Osprey show.  And it didn't seem to be as friendly.  And you wonder why it is called the Sand Pits. We did make good friends, Doug I think was his name.  But shortly after we got there he was sentenced to Field. The Field has nothing.  Doug's wife said it was ok except that every time you want to do something you have to go pull that rope (start the generator).  Doug only stayed in the Field a few days and then went to the Creek.  The Creek is like the Fence with mosquitoes.

After another two weeks THEY called and said we would have to move to the Field.  We went to Partick AFB FamCamp instead.

We met  Joyce Metcalf  at Patrick AFB and she inspired us to join the Tri-State Rebels Chapter of S*M*A*R*T (Special Military Active-Retired Travel Club).

We did & attended the muster in March in Hoboken, Ga , July in Dillard, GA and November in Walterboro, SC.

On the way back from Hoboken, we spent a couple of nights in Stone Mountain so Camille could attend a reunion.

We're planning to add a bathroom.  It will be behind the bedroom.  We're going to tilt the roof over the L Shaped Room up flat and push the wall out.


The first step was to nuke the old bathroom and replace.


What's going on over there on the left side of the chimney, you ask.  That's the bee removal effort in process.


Patrick graduated from law school, passed the bar and was sworn in as a Boston lawyer. We met Susan at graduation.
Since she was wearing green shoes that day, she became "Susan Green Shoes" to avoid confusion with sister Susan.

I went to NY for the summer to work with a break for the Dillard muster.  

Google Earth is fun.  Here is a Google Earth picture/map of where I live & work in NY.

the valley

On the far left, "Victory" is where I work.  Moving right, we lived at 10 Devon Drive.  I currently rent a house from WB2SYQ.  Saturday at the Skylark is a tradition.  After we sold 10 Devon Drive, I lived at 201 Evergreen.

My landlord in NY, Norm WB2SYQ, has a little AM Broadcast Transmitter in the basement.

Norm's Transmitter

Here's the story of how it got there.  Bottom line is that it has warmed up the oil in Norm's dummy load but hasn't talked to anybody yet.  Every Wednesday, John Flinn comes over to "help."  Beer and snacks are consumed but rarely do they make it to the basement.

John Flinn

And the Weasels occasionally go to a hamfest.  Actually we went to two this summer: Sussex and Ithaca - Trumansburg.

Where's Trumansburg you ask interestedly.


With Norm's help and advice, counsel and guidance from John, we got my G5RV up in the backyard.


And I'm on the air.
on the air

Activities in NY seem to center around Amateur Radio and eating.  One evening Norm (WB2SYQ) & I (W4JNM)went to dinner with Bob (WA2VCS)and Barb (N2ZOJ) and spotted Grumpy (NK2H)in his dress uniform preparing for a Color Guard ceremony.


Grumpy's uniform hasn't shrunk like mine did.

Then we went to the West Corners Ice Cream Social at the Fire Station.

Family Day at Lockheed Martin was memorable.  I took the bus from Victory up to the hill to get another ticket.  Because of the preparations, the bus dropped me off in front of Engineering 101.  There is something sensitive going on in there and I couldn't get in.  I walked around on the sidewalk.


The slabs were misaligned.  I tripped and fell.  Four point impact on hands, face & left knee.  The security and medical folks loved it.  Pretty soon I was in a neck brace, back board and in an ambulance headed to the emergency room. No permanent damage but about 6 weeks of misery.  My right arm took most of the shock and didn't like it.

By the time I got back, the gap had been bridged with concrete and the cones placed.  The 2007 Safety Campaign went from "Target Zero" to "Target One."  The Safety folks started a campaign to find and fix similar hazards.

In spite of the pain, I enjoyed the Family Day - mostly meeting previous coworkers.

We can't discuss what the Army does with our stuff but Marty's hat says Operation Iraq Freedom.

Marty's Hat

Norm and I went to Rudin Farms Days including a wagon ride over to the Lumber Mill.  That was impressive.  I had no clue that there was an operation that big in Tioga County.


While I was in NY, Camille met up with some kinfolks and went to the Dickey Family Cemetary.  More details to be added later.

Back home, we had to cancel our participation in the 1st annual Myers sibling outing because the bathroom construction was at a critical stage.  Our contractor did let us go to the RV Forum South East Fall Ralley in Lower Alabama and the Tri State Rebels muster in Walterboro.  We really enjoyed both of those.

Then Thanksgiving.  I didn't take any pictures (hint) but really enjoyed having almost all the Myers family there.

Here's a link to a large version of Susan's picture.

Both Patrick and Susan made it home for Christmas and we really enjoyed a low key Christmas with them and Matt.  Susan helped with a picture of the house lit for Christmas.