We went back to the Indian Casino.  Walter told us that we should delay a day so we were at the Casino for the Friday night seafood buffet but our minds were made up.  We we also told don't go to the Casino on a Saturday night - it's a zoo.

Met some interesting folks.  Some we didn't meet there but recognized as they pulled into Patrick ahead of us.

Walter gave us instructions to find the "other" restaurant..  We did.  Great meal.  About twice as much as the $6.99 Steak & Lobster but we'd already done that.

Walter told us how to get from the Casino to I-95 but again our mind was made up to go up 27 and around the great big lake.

Indians to I-95

We should have listened to Walter.  It was fairly interesting but don't need to do that again.

We camped at almost the exact same spot at Patrick as last year, but there were a lot more people in the field.


All the Patrick Pictures.

Robby & Happy were there again in a new to them Lazy Days Class C.


And of course we went with Pat and Jim and some forumites to Dixie Crossroads.  One couple is from England getting ready for their tour of the US.

at gto

Then back to Grassy Pond.  When we pulled in the host came up to the truck with a rib in hand "Pull off & come eat.  We'll park you later".

let's eat

Sunday afternoon 2 PM is the Grassy Pond Pot Luck.  Very friendly folks.

All the Grassy Pond Pictures.

And on home.  Uneventful trip through Atlanta.  Camille drove.  Joel cringed.