All the Beartooth Pictures

Well what is the Beartooth anyway? From the Wikipedia Page:
The Beartooth Highway is an All-American Road that has been called "the most beautiful drive in America," by late CBS correspondent Charles Kuralt.[1] Because of heavy snowfall at the top, the pass is usually open each year only from mid May through mid October, weather conditions permitting.[2]

It was closed at the Montana Border when we were there in 2005.  Every time I brought up the idea of going back, Camille said "Just Go." So I tossed the tent in the Corolla and went.

I mapped out a route with some interesting things along the way.  I figured it was a 6-8 week trip.

Here's the places I camped.


The 1st day I went to Mt Juliet and had a very enjoyable afternoon and evening with Joan & Jed.  They were good to me.  And the kind of breakfast the next morning that my Daddy always fixed when his children were leaving.  Ged even fixed me a to go bag.

Off to Fort Campbell Ky and the 101st Museum.  Outside there was a daddy showing his daughter the helicopters he flew in the war.


And of course I visited the Commissary, PX, Class 6 and Clothing Sales.

Off to my next destination.  The road was long, lonely and hungry.  Finally I gave up, pulled off on an exit ramp and enjoyed the bag of goodies that Ged had fixed for me. It was good.

So I had planned some places for overnight.  But the real plan was to decide about 2PM and stop by 5PM.

The planned overnight was around the Kentucky/Illionis border but I got there way too early.  I stopped at the Welcome Center & tried to locate a place.  No luck, so onward.

Around 5PM I stopped at a WalMart in Jackson, Mo, picked up a few things and looked in the GPS for a campground, any campground.  The Cherokee Hills Campground was close by.  I called.  They had a vacancy if was was there soon.

This was Ma & Pa Kettles Campground.  After I checked in we discussed when I wanted my morning shower.  7AM was too early, they locked up when they went to bed and weren't up that early.  So I set up my tent & camp back for a beer & shower.

The next morning after cooking breakfast & doing the dishes I was off to Fort Davidson.  Interesting story.


Next was Jefferson City for two nights to visit the MO Museum of Military History.  Closed weekends, so I toured the Capital instead.  Beautiful.  And got a dissertation on the leaders of the Lewis and Clark expedition

from this charming lady after she got her umbrella to shield us from the sun.  It was hot!


Off to see Harry with a brief visit with Churchill en route.


You did know that Churchill visited Missouri didn't you?

I really enjoyed visiting Harry's House.  It was like going back home to the 50s.

And I enjoyed his Presidential Library.