The Adventures of 2020

In January the Etowah Valley Amateur Radio Club was invited to conduct Winter Field Day at Tellus Museum

Then the Chrono Virus hit.  The Georgia Death Race, scheduled for late March, was postponed to November. This is one of the events that local amateur radio operators support.  Like on of the participants said: "The is no cell phone coverage for the really cool races."

Camille was cleaning out the storage shed and found the box of Vietnam Era slides.

I was in Vietnam from February 1969 to February 1970.  The first 7 months in Phu Bai in the 12th Signal Group Headquarters.  After R&R in Hawaii I had two signal signal sites, Hawk Hill supporting the 196th Light Infantry Brigade and Tam Ky supporting the MACV Compound.  War stories to follow.

I Corps Map

Phu Bai is just North of Hue.  Hawk Hill is just north of Tam Ky.

-Joel in Vietnam Pictures from Phu Bai and Hawk Hill.  Didn't find any pictures from Tam Ky
-Hawk Hill

Meanwhile back in the US
-One Day Camille went to the Tuscon Dog Pound
-The Greers, friends, and maybe some strays
-513 Cassville Road (updated 9/4/2020)
-Grandma Myers, Aunty Mae

Returning to current events:

Georgia Jewel

Tellico Plains