Enroute to Adventureland


Adventureland Map

Left Bull Run 6/17/05 as planned headed to Adventureland to spend a few days with Tom & Margi. They workcamp there for the summer. You remember Tom & Margi from Quartzsite.

Tom & Margi

Russ wanted us to stop by in Iowa City where he is for a few weeks for at least a cuppa coffee. Your remember Russ from Quartzsite also.


We decided to stretch out the first two days a little so we could spend a little time with Russ and still get to Adventureland before too late. Friday, 6/17 was a 10 hour 473 mile day. We exceeded the safe working limits on the cat and had a mess when we got to the campground.

We took I-68 west through Maryland and West Virginia. It was very scenic. Too scenic. We got tired of up and down the 6% grades after a while. The Dodge did well, but met the first hill it couldn't get over 55 mph on.

After we got on I-70 it smoothed out to rolling hills.

We spent friday night just west of Columbus, OH at Alton RV Park. Small, cramped, friendly, pleasant. (TL Rating of 19, $25)

Saturday was flat and corn as far as you could see.


Saturday night we stayed at Galesburg East Best Holiday Trav-L-Park (TL Rating 25.5, $20). Delightful small friendly park. Alton was "OK for one night", Galesburg East was "I'd like to stay here several days." It is in a small grove of trees surrounded by cornfields.

Galesburg East

Our two long days paid off sunday. We had a short two hour drive to Iowa City for lunch with Russ, and then two hours to Adventureland, arriving about 2PM.

We crossed the Mississippi going from IN to IO. I didn't know the Mississippi went this far north. Just goes to show how dumb I am. Pretty good sized river up here too.

Lunch with Russ was interesting. He took us to the Pioneer Coop. All natural food. Very good, very intense taste.

Adventureland 6/19-23/05