6/19 - 6/23

We were at Adventureland Campground, Altoona, Iowa for four nights leaving 6/23 headed for Badlands National Park.

Tom & Margi stopped by on their way home from work Sunday. Margi works the shops and does tatoos. Tom is a certified equipment operator, operating all the rides here but one (he didn't say which one). It's easy, put your foot on the operator presence button and push start. Stops automatically. He's been sending people off into space all day.

Talking to some of the other work campers, the parents and kids just love a park operated by Grandpas and Grandmas. The workers seem to enjoy the kids and each other.

We played tourist with Tom and Margi Tuesday and Wednesday

Des Moines Map

Tuesday we went to the State Capitol Building, Cosco, and had lunch at the Iowa Machine Shed. The Iowa Machine shed is somewhat like Cracker Barrel. Lunch became lunch and supper.

Iowa State Capital Building

Iowa State Capital Building Dome

The Dome looking up from the basement.

On Wednesday we went down to Madison County of "Bridges of Madison County" to see Francesca's House and Roseman Bridge. Then to Sam's Club and lunch at Buzzard Billy's. Again lunch became lunch and supper.

It was fun shopping with Tom & Margi. They are homeless folks, living full time in their RV, wherever it happens to be parked. We learned about some new things.

Unfortunatly Francesca's House had been vandalized and a fire set. It was no longer open to the public and we could only see it from the road.

Francesca's House

The countryside was interesting.




To The Badlands