The RV

Sunday we cleared some limbs so we would have a place to park the camper and went to Peco Campers to pick it up Monday as planned.

”Our” guy was Mike Green. Knowledgeable, experienced, helpful. He defiantly had the “been there, done that” look and manner.

He led us over to the Hitch House to have the hitch installed. They outsource the hitch installation to Mike Yoder at the HH because he will have it installed before they get the instructions unfolded. We left the truck there and came back with MikeG. Sat around a lot and did some of the predelivery inspection/training.

Early afternoon we got word “wrong rails”. New ones were being shipped in overnight but the Hitch House was booked until Thursday. We were expecting the movers on Thursday so we made an appointment for Friday and came home disappointed.

The movers came Thursday as planned and all was uneventful except that there was STUFF everywhere and the shop was FULL when they left. Full, as in just enough room to open the door.

The driver (from Rogers) was on the road between Harrisburg and Scranton the night that Ralph, Kris & I decided to spend the night in Pine Grove. From his description that was a very wise move. He said trucks were all over the road and in the median. He said one truck destroyed a State Patrol car.

Friday we were at the HH when Mike Y opened up. We were there all morning. It was interesting listening to Mike with his customers. Definitely knowledgeable, and in demand. He told one guy that he couldn’t install a hitch for him until Wednesday and no, he wouldn’t take $200 to bump one of his Monday customers.

So, back to Peco, finished up the prep, took a tour of their lot and Sam’s Club Lot. The “Super Glide” hitch is definitely worth the extra cost and weigh. It automatically moves back in the truck as the turn angle between the truck and 5th wheel increases. Maneuvering without that with a short bed truck would be essentially impossible.

We left Peco about 3PM. Peco is in Tucker – east of Atlanta. We live north off I-75 so we had to go ¼ of the way around the perimeter and then north on I-75. I got the post graduate course in urban rush hour driving.

We got it safely home, in the driveway, and finally got it backed into place.

The RV

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