Adventures in Plumbing

Spent the weekend and next week sorting out the house and starting to set the camper up. A new item got added to THE LIST: Have a yard sale. That got scheduled for the weekend after Easter with camping to follow.

Good Friday we pulled the camper up to the house so the drinking water hose would reach and started to sanitize the fresh water tank. That means fill it with a chorine solution, set it sit for several hours, then drain and refill.

After we filled the tank we discovered that there was water gurgling out of the ground by the water facet. Cutoff the water at the house and called plumbers.

The 50 + year old galvanized pipe was rusted through. To make a long story short we completely redid everything from the front of the house back. Camille had previously replaced the pipe from the road to the house.

Of course they couldn’t start until Monday so we moved into the camper for several days. We drank bottled water and used the chorine solution for sanitary purposes. We smelled like we had been swimming in a pool with too much chorine.


The Adventures of 2004

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