Cloudland Canyons

The roofers finished, we finished prepping the camper and had the yard sale.  A lot went.  Some of the big items didn’t.  The popup is still ours.


The yard sale was actually enjoyable.  Had a long pleasant talk with our neighbors the Crowders and met some other neighbors.  One gentleman told us about a very close by Corps of Engineers campground: Upper Stamp Creek Campground


We drove over later, it’s 11 miles from here.  Perfect place to go sit and veg.

Upper Stamp Creek Map


But anyway, yard sale Saturday and off at the crack of noon Sunday for Cloudland Canyons State Park.





 We found a pull through site. (Still not too good at backing.)



The cat found it acceptable.




The recliner is defective.  Impossible to sit in without going to sleep.


Monday we went on an expedition to the Pocket Campground and Camp Sidney Dew.


We were distracted on the way there by the John’s Mountain Overlook at the end of Forest Road 724.





The Pocket Campground ( is rated by somebody as one of the top ten US Campgrounds. There is some history associated with the Pocket.  My father was at the CCC Camp there before he moved to the Cartersville CCC Camp and met my mother.  It is certainly pleasant and again a great place to veg or hike the surrounding area.  Not designed for large 5th Wheels and would require some skill in backing one.  Doesn’t meet my criteria of “restaurant nearby”.


Camp Sidney Dew is where I went to summer camp as a Boy Scout.  We didn’t make it there.  We took the wrong turn and went Lake Marvin Road to Sugar ValleyNext trip.  Lake Marvin Road was worth the price of admission.


Tuesday we “did” Lookout Mountain and then went to Chickamauga to visit Mama & Daddy.


We didn’t ride the Incline.  Camille doesn’t like heights and wouldn’t have.



We went to the Visitor Center at Point Park and saw the painting “The Battle of Lookout Mountain” -


Then we went to the “The Battles for Chattanooga Electric Map & Museum” -  It was well done.  The sort of thing you would expect from the National Park Service but it’s a commercial thing.























We skipped actually going into Point Park, Rock City, and Ruby Falls and headed to Chickamauga.  The trip down off Lookout Mountain via 58 was interesting.


We visited with my mother and father in the Myers family plot in the Chickamauga Cemetery.



The Adventures of 2004