Post Trip


The “Shakedown Trip” really was a good thing.






After we got back from Peco, Mrs Garmin took us on a tour of several of the Lake Alatoona Corps of Engineers Campsites and the two military FamCamps.  We concluded that the place for local veg’ing at the lake was still Stamp Creek.


Then to the Skin Cancer Doctor Monday.  I was hoping for either:

  1. It’s not serious, go forth and play
  2. It’s not serious, but it needs to come off, let me whip out my pocket lazer and zap it.  Then you can go forth and play.


Actually it was: It’s not serious, yet, but it needs to come off.  We’ll make an appointment, cut out about 3 inches and then a followup to make sure we got it all and you’re healing.


The appointment for cutting is the 28th of June.


There goes the Grand Tour for this summer.


So, we decided to leave the next day for the beaches of the Carolinas, starting at Myrtle Beach.


The Adventures of 2004

Fort Gordon Rec Area (June 15-16, 2004)