Post Trip


Camille decreed that the four hour rule didn’t apply when we were headed home so we struck out on a 350 mile pull. 


Heading out, we went the wrong way around 285 then through downtown on I-20.  I think that’s actually shorter.  No problems.



Coming back we hit I-285 at about 6 PM. I-20 Eastbound was really backed up at 285 and we were afraid that I-20 Westbound would be also.  So, hey diddle diddle, we went right through the middle.



Things went swimmingly until the 75/85 split. There we were in the correct lane for the 75/85 split and moving along going with the flow, but plenty of spacing from the car in front of us.  Some sweet young thing decided that she wasn't in the correct lane and moved in front of us.  Unfortunately she moved in front of us from almost a stop.  I was barely able to get slowed down enough not to hit her.


Camille wanted me to blast her with the horn.  That seemed ineffectual.  One of the RV Forumites suggested “That's when I LOVE my diesel horn...<g>”.


Got to get a diesel horn for the truck.


Then we hit a huge backup.  Turns out there had been a bad wreck at Red Top Mtn Road, just a couple of miles before our exit. Finally got home safe & sound about 8PM.  Never plan a long day ending with a urban transit at the end.


Surgery Monday the 28th.  They took out about a ½ inch circle then triangles on each side so they could sew it back together.  Total length of about 3 inches. Back on the 12th of July to get stitches out.


Camille wants to go to a couple of zoning meetings on the 12th & 14th.  More apartments across Cassville Road from us!


For our next trick we’re heading to Boston on the 15th.  Probably go visit Susan and “help” her with wedding prep between now & then.


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