Well there are no Magnolias and there is no shade except under your awning.



All day the 1st & 2nd of January we kept seeing cars with flags and “VT”s on them.  Then we started seeing cars with tiger tails hanging out of them.  Slowly we figured it out.  The Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.


How bout that sky!  High 70s so far this trip.


The Exchange (small Wal-Mart & Liquor store) is in the large gray building to the left rear.  The Commissary (grocery store) is about the same easy walking distance off to the right.  That’s our white 5th wheel and black truck behind the tiger.




The campground is located on the west bank of the Mississippi, New Orleans is on the east bank.  Trust me on this, we crossed the Mississippi once and only once to get here. 


The area up where Patterson Drive ends is called Algiers Point.  Actually it is usually called “Historic Algiers Point.”  Our planned New Orleans attack route is to drive to Algiers Point, park, take the free (for pedestrians) ferry across to the Riverwalk.

Downtown New Orleans