Why Moab?  Ed Juge created this thing called the RV Forum sometime in the early nineties.  

3 guys
Photo from the RV Forum
Jerry Fitzgerald, Bob Maxwell and Ed Jude at the 1st Centermost

After meeting and getting to know each other on line, the framily  (scroll down to bottom of page) started to get together in person.  There were rallys on the East Coast and on the West Coast.  The idea of a "centermost" rally arose to get the whole group together.  Well the center is in Oklahoma. That was rejected and Centermost was at Blue Arrow RV Park in Estes Park, CO.  We went to the first Centermost and stayed in an apartment over the bathhouse.  

Blue Arrow RV Park

After a few years, the framily decided that they had "done" Estes Park and moved to Moab UT.  There is lots to do at Moab and the framily has gathered there the first week in May for several years now.

All the Moab Trip Pictures

Enroute to Utah
Enroute Home