On New Years Day we headed for Florida.

Trip Map

In 2007 we stayed at Amy's in Tifton.  It's almost exactly 250  miles from home which is our ideal maximum day. But we had seen all the signs for the marvels behind the Hardies at Exit 5 last year so we stretched our day out to 285 miles and planned two nights at Grassy Pond, the Moody Air Force Base Fam(ily)Camp.

Grassy Pond

Grassy Pond was a rustic, friendly, pleasant place.  The hours for the office etc place were from "daylight" to "dark".  It was cold!  Our water froze the second morning.

Grassy Pond

We sensed that something was wrong behind the Hardies.  There were only a few billboards touting Exit 5 and none for "behind the Hardies".


We went, it was disappointing.  Many stores were either closed or going out of business.  New Management.

On to the Brinks in the Ocala National Forest for an enjoyable low key visit.

At MacDill