To set the mood here's The Conch Republic Song.

All the Key West Pictures

There are two military camping areas in Key West: Sigsbee and Trombo.

key west

There's them that likes Sigsbee because of the facilities and the opportunity to rotate into full hookup sites. There's them that likes Trombo because you can easily walk downtown.  We chose Trombo.

Apparently early on some of the Sigsbee campers were heard referring to "Trumbo Trash".  The Trombo residents responded by creating a T shirt.

T shirt
no extra charge
Pictures of Trumbo

Watching Boats and Birds

Pictures of Sigsbee

A couple  of quick  Key  West history notes (mostly from HISTORY OF KEY WEST BY By Jerry Wilkinson):

The USS Maine was sent to Havana, Cuba, in January 1898 to protect U.S. interests during a time of local insurrection and civil disturbances. Three weeks later, on 15 February, the battleship was sunk by a massive explosion that killed the great majority of her crew. While the cause of this tragedy has never been definitively resolved, it was a precipitating cause of the Spanish-American War that began in April 1898. Her last Commanding Officer was Captain Charles D. Sigsbee, USN.

Henry Morrison Flagler began spanning the Keys for a railroad to Key West in 1905. When Flagler was told there was not enough land for his massive rail terminal, he instructed his  work force to "build some." Key West was enlarged with 134 acres of land fill pumped up from the bottom of the Gulf. The head engineer was Mr. Howard Trombo.

And a couple of interesting military organizations:

Company C, 2nd Battalion, 1st Special Warfare Training Group Airborne) operates the SFUWO training facility on Fleming Key. It is a training site of the U. S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Ft. Bragg, NC. Mission is to train selected joint SOF, DOD, allied, and interagency personnel as combat surface and subsurface infiltrators, dive supervisors, and dive medical technicians for the U.S. Armed Forces.

The SFUWO school is 1.8 miles from the Campground at the far end of Fleming Key.

Fleming Key

(Nice Walk)

They sometimes come through the campground on their morning run and wake us up.  And occasionally provide entertainment by jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.


Pictures of Fleming Key

Joint Interagency Task Force is an interagency task force which serves as the catalyst for integrated and synchronized interagency counterdrug operations, and is responsible for the detection and monitoring of suspect air and maritime drug activity within the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of  Mexico, and the eastern Pacific.

They live down south of the southern most point.

smp map

The Trolly Tour guys say that they are tuned into Castro's hospital room and that once Castro dies Key West will become a ghost town.

Houses of Key West

Mallory Square

Sights of Key West

Sunset Key with Bill, Joan and "the daughters"

Sunset Key is just off Mallory Square.

Sunset Key

Then of course there's the whole Conch Republic bit.

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