The Adventures of  2008

All the 2008 Pictures

20080101 Florida

    20080101 Enroute to MacDill  
    20080105 At MacDill

    20080130 Across the Everglades and Overnight with the Indians

    20080131 Key West

    20080222 Enroute Home

20080313 SMART National Muster

    SMART = Special Military Active Retired Travel Club.  We currently belong to the Tri State Rebels chapter.
    There was a Tri State Rebels mini muster at the Blue Angels FamCamp in Pensacola, FL prior to the National Muster in Mobile, AL.
    Tri State Rebels has a great website.  Curt and Audrey Crowe are our webmaster & chapter photographer.

Curt and Audrey
Photo from Tri State Rebels Website  

They did a great job of documenting the mini muster at Blue Angels FamCamp and National.
Enroute to Blue Angles, we stayed overnight at the Maxwell Gunther AFB FamCamp in Montgomery, AL.  


We bypassed Atlanta and decided that that was more trouble than it was worth.  Camille said she'll drive through Atlanta on future trips.

Here's my pictures of Blue Angels FamCamp and the Pensacola Naval Air Museum.

On the way back from Mobile we convoyed with Pat & Owen Ivey and Troy Williamson.  Very enjoyable. We stayed at Woods RV Park. They are a Passport America park at the same price as the FamCamp, less scenic and much easier.  Just stay on 80 and bypass all the downtown Montgomery mess.


June 21st - National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. We went to Virginia to check on the renter house and stayed an extra day to see the Museum.  Very interesting.

Photo from Museum Website

June 28-29 - NFARL Field Day

Photo from NFARL website

I've joined the North Fulton Amateur Radio League (club). This was my first field day. Field Day is a great Amateur Radio tradition to demonstrate and practice our ability to establish emergency communications.  There's also family, fellowship, food and fun.  But like one of our members said, if you don't believe it's mostly a contest, what's the first thing every asks after it's over? "How'd we do?"   and we did quite well thank you! Here's the report.

20080816  - Boston. Right after Field Day, I went up to NY for a few weeks work.  Patrick invited his mother to visit him in Boston and he allowed me to come.  We enjoyed our visit and had an opportunity to meet Susan's parents.


200809 Smart Muster - Lumberton, SC.   I didn't take any pictures but Audrey did!

Sleepy Bear
Photo from Tri State Rebels website

20081021 Pictures in the Yard.  I got a new camera.  A little one that fits in my pocket.  Takes pretty good pictures.


20081025 Wedding

20081026 SE Fall Rally More pictures and a full report here.

rough life
It's a rough life but somebody has to do it.

20081031 Visit with Jan


20081105 Glorous Fall Day. We had some beautiful days this fall.  One day we took the camera for a ride over to Jones Mill

Jones Mill
 and where the foot bridge to the cliffs was.


20081117 SMART Muster - Longs SC.  It was beautiful - and COLD!

Holey Board

20081127 Thanksgiving. The good news - Joan came.  
The bad news - Joan didn't.


Revenge was sweet the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  

Photo from  Ramblin' Wreck
From  Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate:

The record between the two teams is 59 Georgia wins, 40 Georgia Tech wins, and 5 ties. Georgia Tech's longest winning streak, and the longest in the      series, was eight games from 1949–1956. Georgia's longest winning streak in the series was seven straight games from 1991-1997 and again from 2001-2007. Georgia Tech won the most recent game in the series on November 29, 2008, 45-42.